DeSoto ISD Celebrates Principals

National Principals Month 2022

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Let's Celebrate TME Principal Dina Jammer...

Full Name: Dina Jammer

Campus: The Meadows Elementary

How many years have you served as a DeSoto ISD principal? This is my second year.

What are you enjoying most as a leader of a DeSoto ISD campus?

I enjoy the opportunity to work collaboratively with my staff and our parents to ensure that our students receive a high quality education that will prepare them for future academic success.

A principal wears many hats, what is the primary hat that you wear as you lead your campus community and why?

Yes, we do wear many hats. However, my primary role is to ensure that our students receive a quality education in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.

What does it mean to fly and how does this definition guide your daily practice?

As an Eagle, I believe flying means that we are reaching new heights and soaring above our competitors. When we fly above our competitors, we are poised to ensure that our students can leave us with a quality education that will allow them compete successfully in their future endeavor, be it higher education or careers.

Please share an impactful moment as a school administrator and how it fuels your daily actions.

The most impactful moment as an administrator is when my campus won the “Lead by Example” District Award. This was a prestigious district award that recognized and spotlighted campuses and their leaders for having an outstanding culture and climate based on feedback from faculty and families.

As a principal, how does leadership impact student experience and achievement and in what way do you maintain a pulse on your campus to ensure student success?

The campus principal leads by ensuring that staff receives the needed professional development, resources, and support to help them deliver quality instruction that is aligned to the campus and district goals. The leader must also foster collaboration among staff, students, and families to ensure that students receive both quality lessons and experiential learning opportunities that lead to student achievement and a balanced education.

Please share a word of advice for aspiring campus leaders.

The most important advice I can give is to aspiring leaders is to learn to lead from the seat in which you currently sit.

Many leadership skills are learned over time, are transferable and are not simply attained once you become a campus leader.

As you increase in your influence on others as teachers, teacher leaders, or assistant principals, you will find that you must embody many great traits that lead to success with students, colleagues, and families. You must also seek opportunities to be innovative, lead by example, problem solve, and learn to effectively communicate with different stakeholders.

Most of all, know where you want to lead others and seek to be approachable by all stakeholders.

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