Feb. 22. Vol. 25

Winter Weather

We are still unsure what the weather will bring us for the rest of the week. We plan to continue any/all Engineering week activities that we can once school resumes. We are waiting to hear if UTA will reschedule their field trip event, but no word yet. While we are sad that we missed it, we are glad that the district made smart decisions about our safety. (plus who wants to walk a college campus in the cold and wet!)

We miss you! Have fun and Stay warm!

UTD Rube Goldberg Activity

Wednesday will hopefully have us back at school to participate in the Rube Goldberg Activity presented by the University of Texas as Dallas! We would love for students to wear their RED STEM T-shirts this day (since we didn't get to Monday). We had planned to give students a little background knowledge before UTD arrived, but haven't had the chance with the weather. We would LOVE for them to visit the following 2 sites when they are warming up from the cold! The first is informational, the second is interactive!

What is a Rube Goldberg machine?

Rube Goldberg Machine Game

SciGirls Saturday

The next SciGirls Saturday will be held this weekend! Saturday, February 28th from 9:00-11:30 girls will be designing Scribblebots! We are looking forward to a great day of creativity and design with our SciGirls. Please complete the registration form below (if you haven't already) SciGirls Registration

Staying Busy while Away

There are several projects that students can continue to work on while we are away from school!

For Language Arts:

1-Read and do your 30 minutes of Membean

2-Etc Credit for those posting a summary of what they are reading.

3-Log into account and generate ideas for their short story. Many have already started ideas.

For Science:

1-Continue/complete Infographic for Alternative Energy-if they can for group

2- Work/plan/design Educational Materials to create in class later

3- Check STEMScopes to complete any/all "in progress" or "not started" quizzes

For Social Studies:

1- Weaponry Project on Google Classroom

2- Check Google Classroom for any/all late or unfinished work

For Math:

1- Catch up on homework and/or corrections

Parent Feedback Information

Thank you to those parents who attended the feedback/questions meeting last week. We are working to compile a FAQ page with the information that was discussed at the meeting. Once this is ready, we will share with all parents. If you have questions or want to provide feedback in the meantime, please email: (Director of Science and Instructional Technology) (Director of Mathematics) (Principal at GMS)