world war 1

Liam Rogers-Low

Why did world war 1 start?

ww1 started because...

In Europe, people had strong feeling of pride in their own country.Competition and angry feelings between counties grew. People in some counties wanted to rule them selves and be independent.Many European counties began to build their Militaries because of greater tensions in Europe.The future leader of Austria-Hungary,Archduke Francis Ferinand,was assassinated in Bosnia-Herzegovina.Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia.

Why did the US enter the war?

The US entered the war because...

they entered the war because the Germans blew up a British passenger ship,and told mexico they would help them get free.

What technologies were used in the war?

  • tanks
  • air plains
  • guns
  • bombs
  • poison gases

The war ended because...

The Germans signed a peace treaty called the peace Treaty of Versailles.

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Liam Rogers,2014

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