BP Oil Spill

Samantha Payne

What is the BP Oil Spill?

The BP oil spill, also know as the Deepwater Horizon began on April 20, 2010. It occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on a BP owned oil rig. It is considered the largest accidental marine oil spill since the beginning of the petroleum industry. After the explosion of the oil rig, a sea floor gusher flowed for 87 days, until it was capped on July 15, 2010. An estimate of 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf. On September 19, 2010 the well was declared sealed.

Facts About the Oil Spill

  1. 16,000 miles of coastlines were effected
  2. The initial explosion killed 11 people and injured 17 others
  3. Oil is still being found on the coast
  4. Clean up crews used 5.5 million feet of boom, a barrier placed in water, to collect and absorb oil.
  5. 30,000 people responded to help clean up beaches

Effects of the Oil Spill

  • Oil coated most of wildlife in the Gulf Coast
  • Respiratory issues for the volunteers who helped clean the Coast

Many long-term effects will not be known until all the oil is completely removed.