The Faction Times

Veronica Roth, HarperCollins Publisher, 2012 - 525 pages

Character Description

In this book the main character is Beatrice (Tris) Prior. She is a 16 year old girl who grew up in the faction Abnegation and chose the faction Dauntless. She is short but that doesn't mean you should underestimate her. Tris's boyfriend Tobias (Four) Eaton also plays a big role in this book. He is an 18 year old boy who grew up in Abnegation and chose Dauntless, just like Tris except they didn't really know each other until they were both in Dauntless. He was her mentor and instructor when she was an initiate for Dauntless. During the process they started dating while also fighting side by side. Tris's enemy Jeanine Matthews is another main character. She was from Erudite and stayed in Erudite. Beatrice has always know who Jeanine was because of what her father has said about Jeanine, due to the fact that they both played big roles in their faction's governments. So Tris has always had a biases about Jeanine because people in Abnegation, such as her father, have always despised her. Tris's brother Caleb Prior is also important. He and Tris are almost the same age but he is older. Caleb is from Abnegation but chose Erudite. He and Tris were never really close, because that's how it works in Abnegation. Until this book when they find each other in the war. From there they are allies until he betrays her by working with Jeanine. Another character is Marcus Eaton. He is from Candor but chose Abnegation. He is also Tobias's dad and Tris's Dad's coworker. He is the leader of Abnegation so Tris has always known who he is as a little girl, but not well enough to know his whole story.

Plot Summary

Insurgent starts off after the Erudite simulation when Tris, Tobias, Marcus, Peter, and Caleb are all on a train to Amity headquarters where there is a safe house for Abnegation and Dauntless refugees. While there they were all asked by the representative of Amity to act peaceful and happy to fit Amity standards. After staying there a while, breaking a few rules, and eavesdropping they decided to leave but before they could Erudite and Dauntless traitors attacked but Tris, Tobias, Caleb, and Susan were able to get away. From there they headed towards where the factionless live. Once the group gets there Tobias leads them to his mother, Evelyn, who they all thought was dead.Tobias and Tris have a fight about keeping secrets, which they make up for, even though Tris is still holding back secrets like killing Will. Then Evelyn tells them to go to Candor headquarters because there is also a safe house there. After they get there Tris and Tobias find a lot of their Dauntless friends including her friend Christina, whose boyfriend she killed. Then because of Candor policies Tris and Tobias are put under a truth serum where Tris chooses to expose that she killed Will to Tobias and Christina. They both are very angry at her, especially Christina. After spending a while there a group of Dauntless decide to go to a building to get a better view of Erudite headquarters. When they are there Dauntless traitors storm the building and knock all of the Non-Divergents out. Then Tris and her friend Uriah pretend to be traitors to save some Divergent people from being executed. When Tris tries to save someone she gets caught and then has to go with the rest of the to-be-executed Divergents, she also finds Uriah there. But then before Tris gets killed Tobias and other Dauntless rescue them and kidnap a traitor, Eric, that has always been very cruel. After a while of thinking the Dauntless decide to band together to take back their faction and before they leave the faction kills Eric. Then they head back to where the Dauntless headquarters previously was and start over again. After they settle Christina wakes up to find that three people were standing on the ledge of the building with the message that if a Divergent doesn't turn their self into Erudite headquarters, every two days three innocents will die. Christina and Tris try to catch everyone but can only catch two. After that Tris decides to turn herself in even though Tobias says no. Once she gets there she is put in a cell and is told where she will die after Jeanine is done experimenting on her. After being experimented on and tortured a few times and her prison guard is Peter. Caleb also betrays her by working with Jeanine. She sees Tobias turn himself in too. Then after the Erudite figure out what's different about her. They try to kill her but it doesn't work because Peter saved her and then Tobias, Tris, and Peter all escape to Abnegation headquarters where the Dauntless and factionless have teamed up to take down Erudite. But then Marcus tells Tris that they need to do want her parents died trying to do instead of what the Dauntless are doing. The only thing is if Tris goes through with his plan Tobias won't trust her anymore, but she makes the tough choice to go with Marcus. So then Marcus, Tris, and Christina go to Amity to talk to their representative Johanna Reyes about the Dauntless uprising. Shortly after Amity has a meeting where they can't agree on the solution for the uprising so she has to step down from representative so she can do something that is unlike Amity and everyone else follows. Then Tris, Marcus, and Christina team up with Cara and Fernando, so they can help them get into Erudite. In the process of getting there Fernando is shot dead and they are forced to move on without him. Cara hacks into a computer while the others watch, but it doesn't work and Caleb storms in with a gun but they are able to get it away from him. So they run away to the laboratory and Christina gets shot in the leg but she says to go on without her. Tris the enters the Lab but is then put under a simulation where she must fight herself. After she wakes up from the simulation she sees one of the Dauntless leaders, Tori, with a knife up to Jeanine's throat. Tori kills Jeanine to avenge her late brother, who was killed by Jeanine. She tells Tris she's a traitor for believing Jeanine and then puts her with the wounded and other traitors. There Tris sees Christina. Then the Factionless state how hey are going to take over and then change the faction system. But then Tobias, Marcus, and Caleb come in and Tobias forgive Tris after what they found. Tobias then plays the video and interrupts Evelyn. The video plays and it shows a little girl who talks about why they are all inside of the gate, which is because the world is too violent. She also says that once there is too many Divergents to open the gate and let everyone out and then everyone starts shouting.


The conflict in my book is that there has just been an attack on Abnegation and now lots of innocent people are dead. Which affects all factions. A war is brewing because Erudite's leader Jeanine Matthews wants the Divergents dead and the factions under her control. Tris is partially involved because she is Divergent herself and she just loves to ruffle Jeanine's feathers. She is also involved because part of the reason Jeanine attacked is because of what Tris's parents were trying to expose. The conflict has caused people from all different factions to be factionless and/or live in safe houses located in Candor and Amity.

Quotation Explanation

The quote I chose for my book was,"Do remember, though, that sometimes the people you oppress become mightier than you would like." I chose this quote because it basically covers the whole main conflict in this book, which in a sentence is pretty much someone wants control so they take down others, then the others get stronger. In my book Erudite oppresses Abnegation, some Dauntless, and some Erudite by being cruel and dishonest. So then the now factionless people rise to then take back power over Erudite and essentially all the other factions.

Book Review

My honest opinion on this book is that I liked it but it wasn't as good as the first book, Divergent. Somethings I would change about the book is to have more things that I wasn't expecting, like how in the first book there was the attack simulation that I really had no idea that would happen. I would also change all the unnecessary arguments between Tris and Tobias because they were just on and off and on again. I might also change that Christina was really mad at Tris for killing her boyfriend. Mostly because they hadn't even known each other for that long. Other than those 'small' fixes I really liked the book and just the whole Divergent series.
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