Amanda Workman

Junior ~ Senior

Kind of an a way

If you couldn't see the large font at the top, my name is Amanda Workman. I'm a junior at Newton-Conover High School. Just like any other student, I'm ready to be done with this school because it's not the most fun place to be. My intentions are not only graduating early, but getting a head start on college. I enrolled in an online private high school called "American High School" as a senior. I will be finishing the three classes necessary to receive my diploma before the end of July. I'll be attending CVCC for freshman and sophomore year, and then transferring to Lees McRae in Banner Elk, NC, for my junior and senior years to major as a radiological technician. I'm kind of glad to say that I am ahead of my class, but I might miss some of my friends. I'm assuming reality just decided to hit me before it hit everyone else.

My Family

Things People Might Not Know

I'm an outdoors person. Even when I am at home, I crank up the four wheeler and ride around Newton, hoping to not be seen by cops. I've been to too many mud bogs to count, and I don't party unless there's a bonfire. My niece looks exactly like me, so people tend to think it's my child, but I assure you that I have not had a kid, and I don't plan on having one for at least another four or five years. I've played soccer, basketball, softball, and I was a competitive cheerleader. I have a tattoo, and I plan on getting more. I've been arrested twice, but go the charges dropped both times. I'm a very nice person, though very sarcastic, unless you get on my bad side. Hopefully no one will, but if you do, just know that it takes A LOT for me to say something to you out of the way. That is all, have a nice day.(: