Technology Class


I Movie

With the application I movie you can create professional videos with three clicks of your mouse.

1. Make a video of anything by using the camera tool. You can access the camera by hitting the camera looking button on the bottom right of your screen. Then hit the red button to start the film.

2. Then edit your video to make it look professional. by adding....

  • Sound effects
  • back round music

and cut clips you don't like by....
  • cutting them

To cut clips, double tap on the one you want to cut. Then hit delete clip button.

3. And then when your all done and you want to send your video to friends and family. Go to the home screen and make sure that the video you want to share is highlighted. then hit the button that has an arrow coming out of a box. Then click were you want to upload the movie. Then chose your size and definition.

I Trailer

This application is part of I movie. But instead of making a movie you can make a trailer for either one of your movies or just one for fun.

1. Start by clicking the the add movie/trailer button on the bottom of the screen.then chose what type of trailer you want to do.

2. Add pictures by tapping on the box were you want to add the picture. And then hit camera roll

3. Then wright the outline.

4. To send it to friends and family, do the same as you did with I movie.

Explain Everything

With this application you can

  • Draw
  • Record your voice
  • Type in Captions

1. To draw you need to tap the pencil button on the top left of the screen. To chang the color you tap on the color icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. To add a picture you push the icon that looks like a notebook. And then hit exsiting photo video.

3. And then finally when your ready to share it hit the arrow coming outa of the box button and chose were you want it to be uploaded.

Haiku Deck

App you can make professional slideshow with some special tools

1.start your slide show by tapping the add button on the bottom of you screen

2. Add pictures by adding a slide and hitting the blue button on the left of your screen (remember to add wording first)

3. Add wording by hitting the Tt on the left of your screen. Then just type.

Go Animate

Application you can edit your own characters to say do what you want into a cool Pro looking show.

1.Frst you have to chose between multiply of backgrounds.

2. Then you need to add characters with the character button.

3. And finally you can voice and save so you can watch later.