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Week of March 14th

Monster Genetics

The students studied Genetics/Inherited Traits this week in Science. We talked about the difference in dominant and recessive genes and also explored a few examples using a Punnet Square. They played rock-paper-scissors to determine if they received the dominant or recessive trait from their "parents". This determined body shape, color of body, body pattern, number of eyes, etc. for their monsters. They did a great job showing off their inherited traits. I surveyed the students to see if they knew of any traits they had inherited from their parents and this is what they had to say:

  • Dylan R. gets his blue eyes from his mom.
  • Kendra gets her blue eyes from her dad.
  • Olivia gets her eye color from her mom.
  • Cael and his dad are both hardheaded and stubborn.
  • Kasen and his mom share the same eye color.
  • Tucker and his dad have the same eye color and their faces look the same.
  • Damon gets his height from both of his parents.
  • Gannon gets his athletic ability from both of his parents.
  • Emma S. and her dad share the same body posture.
  • Colten and his dad both have the same skin color.
  • Emma S. and her mom both have fair colored skin.
  • Noah and his dad both had/have blonde hair as children that has gotten darker as they have gotten older.
  • Dylan Z. and his dad both have blue eyes.
  • Kayla and her dad both have eyes that change colors.
  • Tucker A and his dad act the same way.
  • Julie has blue eyes, just like the rest of her family.
  • Jacie and her mom both have blue eyes, however one is darker than the other.
  • Isabelle and her dad were both born with broad shoulders.
  • Matt and his Grandpa both have a ridge on their noses.
  • Ethan and his brother share the same hair color.
  • Cori has blue eyes like the rest of her family.
  • Griffin and his dad both have brown hair.
  • Evan has brown hair like his mom.
  • Gabriella and her dad share the same eye color.
Check out some of our Monster creations!

Oops System {Missing Homework}

I will be implementing an Oops System this last quarter to ensure that students are completing their homework on time. If they arrive to school and do not have their homework done, they are to fill out an "oops" slip which will give them an extra day to get that assignment done. Upon filling out their 3rd "oops" of the week, they will have to serve detention after school with me. I will be informing parents of any detention that needs to be served and at that time we will arrange details for that detention time. If you have any questions, please let me know via email (, Remind/Dojo messages, or call the school. I hope this helps prepare the students for the ICU program next year in Middle School.


Hopefully you were able to check out the biographies that the students wrote for Black History Month. Below is a link to view all of their reports if you want to read up on some famous African Americans. They also incorporated a timeline using a timeline generator online. In the computer lab, the students utilized this Google Drive folder to read their peers' biographies and critique them with a positive and a suggestion. It was a great learning opportunity for them as little writers! Check out the Google Drive folder below.

Band Notes

Learning a solo to play for a judge is a huge job. Our approach to learning the solo requires us to set smaller goals to be checked off the list as we go, rather than looking at the solo as one large task. Although our contest is still a few weeks away (Saturday, April 23), we want to be at the stage where we can play through our solos from beginning to end before we leave for Easter break. This does not mean the solo must be perfect, but being able to play notes and rhythms will leave us time to put the finishing touches on before the contest. Check with your student to see how they are feeling about this benchmark, and let me know if I can be of any assistance.

AR Goals

AR goals have been set for the 4th quarter. If all students meet their goals, we will celebrate with a class ice cream party!

Bulldog Pride!

The students of LIW lined the sidewalk to cheer for the Boys Basketball team heading to the State 'B' Tournament in Aberdeen! Best of luck to the Bulldogs! We are so proud of you!
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