The hatred never ends!

137 pages Point of View: Third Person

The book Kidnapped by Gordon Korman is a must read. There is action, adventure and heartwarming love from a brother to his younger sister. Meg and Aiden Falconer seem like ordinary kids. Would you ever suspect their parents are hated traitors? Fourteen months ago, Louise and John Falconer were put in jail for being allegedly aiding enemy terrorists. Then about a month ago, they were released because of proof that they were framed. The two were reunited with Aiden and Meg at their home in Virginia. But the hatred doesn't end here. Because as Meg and Aiden are walking home from school one day, something happened that would change their lives forever. A white van pulled up beside them, the door swung open, and out came one women and two men. Their faces covered, so they could not be identified and swooped up Meg and Aiden. Luckily, Aiden was able to escape, but by the time he got away, the door was shut, and they drove away with Meg inside! He raced home, only thinking about Meg. By the time he got there, his yard was full of reporters. All asking the same question "What will happen next?" This was exactly what Aiden was thinking. How could he stop them, since he was only 15 years old? This book by Gordon Korman is a real page turner. It will keep you begging for more. Read Kidnapped (Book 1, 2, and 3) to see if Meg is rescued, and everything goes back to normal.

I believe the theme of the book is to stick together no matter what because that is what family is. Family works together through thick and thin.

The theme of this book relates to my life because this is exactly what my family does. We stick together through whatever problem or situation comes our way. If we were in a situation such as the falconer family we would do whatever it takes to get our loved one back home. I choose to believe that is how every family is. Being their for each other is what family is all about.

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