Crow Island Bioblitz

By Nick Henner and Will Frohling

Crow Island Woodland Trail


Sunny 68°F

Plants over grew trail. There were many different plants and animals. It is a very biodiverse.


We found about 5 trees like these:

Common plants along the woodland trail

A selection of animals along the woodland trail

A selection of animal evidence

Were species evenly distributed across the site or did you find greater variety in particular areas? If there were distribution differences, where did you find the greatest diversity? Explain.

The species were fairly evenly distributed across the site. However most of the species were in clumps. There would be a clump of purple aster then a clump of White Snakeroot.

What factors might have affected the number of species we found? What kinds of organisms have we probably missed?

The area in which we looked for species definitely affected the number of species we found. We missed most of the animals in the woods as we only found a few.

Did you find any species native to Illinois? Any nonnative species? Any invasive species?

Yes, all of the species we found are native to Illinois. None of the species we found were invasive.

What do we think could be done to increase the biodiversity of the Crow Island Woods?

We think if humans didn't burn portions of the woods or if humans didn't walk the woods the biodiversity would increase.