Kids Going to Camp?

Upcoming Parents' Meeting!

Camp is coming soon! Get ready!

We're having a Parents' Meeting - if your kids want to go to camp, then YOU need to be there! There are camps for almost everyone - from 4-year-olds to 5th graders, and all the necessary information to get your kids registered and ready to go will be offered at this meeting!

Meeting Times

CentriKid - 5:00 PM

This meeting is for CentriKid, which is for 4th & 5th graders, from July 14th - 18th.

All Other Camps - 5:30 PM

This meeting is for every other camp, including Kamp Keirsey and Art Camp.

Summer Camp Options

So, what camps are available for your kids? Take a look:

  • Kamp Keirsey Day Camp (4-K) - June 28th
  • Kamp Keirsey Overnight (1st-3rd) - June 30th
  • CentriKid (4th-5th) - July 14th-18th
  • Keirsey Boys and Girls (3rd-5th) - July 5th-11th
  • Art Camp - TBD

For more info, contact!