Madam C.J Walker

Madam c.j Walker the first female self-made millionaire

Who Was...

This is some information about her family, when she died and when she was born. Madam C.J Walker was born December 23, 1867. Her given name was Sarah Breedlove. She grew up on a small cotton farm. She married moses Mcwilliams and had a child named Lelia. Her Parents, Owen and Minerva were former slaves. Madam’s mother died in 1873 two years after her father died.

Madam had one sister and four brother’s and then lived with her sister named Louvinia while her brother went to go find jobs. Madam then died May 25, 1919 at age 51.

What did she do..

She knew how to grow hair as well as she knew how to grow cotton and she called her first hair product was called The Wonderful Hair Grower.

She also earned about $1.50 a day washing clothes (which is a lot because back in the old days they didn’t have a lot of money). She helped other lady’s grow their hair back by inventing hair growing products. Madam C.J walker was an inventor of many different hair products like heated combs, hair stratining products, and hair growing products.

What was her impact on the world

Madam wanted other black women to have a chance to succeed. She did a lot of stuff to help other women like madam’s hair products gave people healthy, beautiful hair and she became the first self-made female millionaire. In her last days she made sure her great wealth would go to people she loved and the causes she believed in.

Should we try to be more like her