Medical problems

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Throughout this documentary of sicko it shows and explains the problems of having medical insurance and not being able to get helped when in need. Also through this video the insurance company's work in order to keep there money and how they work is the less the company spends giving the approval to people the more the person gets paid to deny helping the people paying for there insurance. Although through this film it talks about mostly about the bad in the medical insurance company's there is also solutions to people around the U.S and that can make your vision bigger in getting help from other places in the world. "While america has more people paying for insurance in medicare, is it worth spending your money on knowing that other country’s have free medicare, and have longer and better lives than the U.S."
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Achieving the purpose

  • In the video it showed these two old people moving in with there daughter because there medical insurance was to high and had to now give up there house and move into a small room because of it. And with still having there insurance to pay there deductibles,there son blaming them for something they couldn't pay because it stacked on top of each other and with out working they have to deal with the doctors they were given and with the money they receive for disability and still having problems with medical issues which shouldn't happen as u get older.
  • There was also a family being interviewed about how this girl was born with a hearing problem and was given help for only one ear because two was a privilege to them and wouldn't do two even though they had the power to do so but they wanted to save money. The mentality in that is just wrong because no one would want to grow up with only listening through one ear, its ok because at least you can hear someone, but if you can fix it as the insurance company can why should you make this girl suffer with only listening to one ear when they pay for there medical insurance. It would take a threat from a film makers help on showing what type of people they are in reality and trying to get the help that his daughter needs with the insurance company, finally getting the request to help her with the other ear in hearing, and showing the strategies of a possible threat can get you the help but only in a mature way of approaching the situation.
  • Lastly Micheal Moore went to British to show us a way of live on how British medicare is ten times as better as america. British people were telling him about how the medicare insurance worked over there and it explained that they have no problem in helping people because there medicare for the hospital is completely free. They even provide money to you if you have no money to go back home with a ride home after your stay there. And when he talked to american people who moved there they said because of insurance problems and they even said that there college tuition fee is for free and anyone can go to college, while over here in america we are where working on getting the price down but doesn't compare to anything the the British medical insurance. Showing why the U.S is behind in getting things done right, and giving a us a idea of what to think about and why we live here in america that doesn't compare to other foreign Countries and making people why we deal with this messed up insurance. Giving us a reason to think that there could be a way out of this mess in america and go somewhere where they help when needed.
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While watching the documentary it made me think that if my family was having trouble with the insurance or they couldn't get help i could tell them about this and possibly extend there lives for the better simply by getting out the united states just for the medicare they can get and possibly a better way of living. Watching the film about the old people working for the insurance was sad because my grandparents from my dads side have not been working for the longest time and have medical problems and it makes me want to help because they have nothing to do about it besides to try and pay the bills. Even though there house is payed for and no longer deal with that problem but the only problem they have now is medical problems but that's because there getting old and get hurt or sick easier than younger people and, shouldn't have to deal wit'h these problems at 80+ years old. My perspective on the united states has changed in trying to see what other countries have free medical insurance and why that the U.S doesn't want to have free insurance in The United States. While there are small country's who have better medical insurance policy's that have longer lifespands than we do and yet the U.S seems to not care in giving the opportunity of free medical insurance to everyone.

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