Tech for Talk

Technology for the Classroom- Speech and Hearing Edition!

Apps for Students with Communication Disorders

Articulation Games

  • What it does: Allows students to practice over 40 different phonemes with 4 different fun-filled games- Flashcards, Memory Game, Sweet Spinner, and Arctic Wheel
  • Who it's good for: Students with articulation and phonological disorders

Apraxia RainbowBee

  • What it does: Enhances motor planning in students with flashcards, a puzzle game, and a board game. It's also easily customizable!
  • Who it's good for: Children with apraxia and dyspraxia disorders
Rule The School's Self Advocacy Board Game
  • What it does: Teaches students how to advocate for themselves within the general education classroom in a fun board game format
  • Who it's good for: Any student with a communication disorder that may prevent them from communicating wants & needs effectively
iPractice Verbs
  • What it does: Lets students practice over 140 different verbs in different tenses. Includes corresponding audio and images.
  • Who it's good for: Students with auditory and articulation disorders

Assistive Technology- Make it a part of YOUR Classroom!

Apps aren't the only way to help out kids with communication disorders in the classroom. There are so many assistive technologies out there to ensure your students are receiving the highest quality education possible. Check out some of these devices that take learning to the highest level:
  • DynaMyte: This fun tool allows students to communicate by selecting a series of picture symbols which DynaMyte then translates into words. It's great for teaching students vocab as well!
  • FM System: This device is perfect for hearing impaired students. The system creates a link between teacher and student with a microphone, reduces background noise, and allows for lots of movement. No wires or cords are involved, and it's much more effective than a hearing aid.

A Real Success Story

Still skeptical about assistive technology? Read about Brian and see how much it really helps!

Brian is an energetic 9-year-old boy affected by hearing impairment as well as an articulation disorder. With the help of various technologies, Brian has been able to maximize his learning ability in the classroom. Brian's teacher has incorporated an FM System in the classroom to greatly increase his hearing ability. "The FM System really helps me a lot," Brian says. "I can hear almost everything, and when I can't, my teacher is really nice and types on the board." Brian also uses fun apps such as Articulation Games and iPractice Verbs to help with his articulation disorder. "I like the games, they're really fun," Brian says with a smile. "And I'm really learning a lot." Brian's teacher says she has seen vast improvements in his grades and classroom involvement. When asked how he feels about school, Brian could not be more enthusiastic. "School is fun," he says. "I never thought it could be, but it is. I love to learn new things!"