Siege Of Leningrad

Sam Bigglestone


The siege of Leningrad started on September 8, 1941, when German forces were pushing toward Moscow and instead of attacking Leningrad, they just encircled the city and let the civilians and harsh conditions do the killing for them, instead of wasting bullets that could be used while pushing toward Moscow. The siege lasted almost 2 and a half years and killed an estimated 1,000,000 people. To add insult to injury, the Germans bombed the city with artillery and air drops. Rations were cut to 1/3 of what an adult needs, and soon dogs, cats, and other animals became the main food course. When winter hit, the city had already used all of its oil so there was no more heating, so many people died from the harsh winter. Also, the water pipes froze so the drinking water was taken from the residents. The winter did freeze over Lake Ladoga which created a route for supplies to come in and civilians to leave. With the population decreasing, it opened up more rations for the citizens and stabilized their conditions until the Russians finally pushed the Germans past Leningrad and in 1944, the citizens could finally celebrate the sieges end.


Journal #1: Hardships or Hunger

In the book "City of Thieves", Lev, Vera, and the twins face many hardships dealing with hunger. Before the war had begun, Lev, Vera and the twins had smoked cigarets and stood on the roof posing as soldiers, eating carelessly without even thinking about it. Now that Leningrad is under siege, they hunt down rats and an onion and 125 gram loaf of bread was a decent meal, even though the bread wasn't really bread, it was made out of sawdust and whatever else could be mixed together and eaten. (pg # 10-11)

City of St. Petersburg also known as Piter

Journal #2- Emotional and Physical Challenges

Horrors of War

List and describe the emotional and physical challenges behind the story of the sheepdog, Zoya, and playing chess with Abendroth

Emotional Challenges

Physical Challenges

Journal #3- Essential Question

War destroys identities, but it also creates new ones. In City of Thieves, the war makes Lev pose as an illiterate gentile, even though hes a Jew and his dad was one of the greatest poets in their city. War makes Kolya pose as illiterate even though hes writing a novel during the course of the war, and it makes Vika pose as a boy, when shes really a girl. The war also changes Lev and Kolya. Before the war, Lev was an unsocial, weak hearted kid who was afraid. Kolya was a soldier who drank and had sex and that was all he cared about. However, during the war, Lev became less and less afraid because Kolya taught him how to fight and how to be strong, and how to get with girls. The war made Kolya into a mentor and older brother figure instead of a drunk who just wanted sex. It also destroyed Levs old self who was afraid and was socially awkward and turned him into a soldier who would take on anything that came at him .

Essential Question:

What role does war play in creating and destroying national identities? pg 221