Uncle Tom's Analysis

Jake Dibble & Laura Fylling

Jake Dibble - Paragraph

A. The more subtle themes are that the black man although oppressed won't falter and fall. This is best seen through the picture where Tom is about to be smacked down. He has accepted the fact that at that moment he is in the complete power of his master. But he knows he will not falter and that there is a possibility that he can overcome his situation and get to a point where he can have his freedom.

B. The most suprising thing that I saw was that the black man never showed any signs of violence or disobedience to his white masters. He is still shown as caring when he is reading with Eva. He is never really depicted as a savage creature which I might expect from images which are showing the power disparity.

Laura Fylling Paragraph

A. In the images besides the obvious theme of black slave oppression, there are a few examples that the white owners would still find a way to teach and influence the black children and adults through education and as well common actions.

B. While looking at these pictures there is an overall idea I came across. This was that throughout the time period the African Americans were shunned and always placed outside the families’ loop that they worked for but at the same time were loyal. This concept shocked me and made me keep an open mind that all though there was an extreme amount of evil in the era the oppressed still found a way to be thankful.


In the images of Uncle Tom's Cabin there is a common contrast between the power of the black and white figures depictions of oppression and reprimanding in the common household.