Third Grade News You Can Use

October 3rd-7th, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

A quote from an unnamed third grader this week, "It's getting real up in here." I couldn't have said it better myself. We are currently restricted to "old school" seating arrangements and fewer choices all around. Grades are being taken on most assignments and work turned in late or without a name and date will be marked down. Zeros will be entered into the grade book for things lost or not turned in at all. An "S" on the behavior chart now comes with losing half the time we have to play outside. A "D" on the chart will require sentence writing and all of recess lost. Fortunately, no one has been asked to move to D this week. Being a third grader is hard, but they are working self-control and being ready to learn. This week was better. I hope we soon earn back some of our privileges.

We are using our i-Pads to do XtraMath and to take AR tests. We also used our i-Pads this week to research landforms and write 3 facts. You will be able to see our cooperative learning chart about landforms up in the classroom after Fall Break. It is going to look great and be a wonderful learning tool created by your children.

Important Dates

9/30-10/1: Consignment Sale and One Act Weekend

10/3-10/7: Book Fair and Dress Up Days for Elementary

Monday-Camo Day Book Fair open from 7:30-3:30

Tuesday-Pirate Day Book Fair open from 7:30-3:30 and Literacy Night from 5:30-6:30

Wednesday-Pajama Day Book Fair open from 7:30-3:30

Thursday-Movie Day (Dress like a character from a movie.) Book Fair open from 7:30-3:30

Friday-Spirit Day Book Fair open from 7:30-7:30

10/10-10/14: Fall Break

10/19: Report Cards and Star Reports are sent home

10/24: Kentucky Down Under Field Trip

Book Fair and Dress Up Days!

We would love to have 100% participation in our dress up days as we celebrate the book fair. Please help your child plan his or her outfits for the upcoming week. If they choose not to dress up, then they have to wear regular dress code.

We will preview the book fair book offerings and make our wish lists on Monday. I just realized I forgot to send home the flyers on Thursday. I'll send them home Monday. (I'm Sorry Mrs. Shaver) Your child will be allowed to go to the book fair in the mornings until announcements and then at the end of the day if he or she have money to purchase. If they have no money, then I will ask them to stay in the classroom. Please have a conversation about acceptable purchases. If your child goes to the book fair and comes back with only toys and posters and you intended for him or her to buy a book or two, then you need to make that clear.

If you have any pirate themed books you would like to read to us next week, we would love to have some guest readers! Let me know who is reading, what will be read, and when you are coming.


List 8A: blender, bringing, throb, trinket, scream, planted, spunky, spruce, strap, planet

List 8B: plop, plan, slap, trick, scram, plot, sprig, splash, straw, splinter

I sent home Spelling test 7 on Friday along with many other graded papers. (Hint: please clean out the take home folders this weekend.) The list your child will be working on next week is written on the back of the test 7.


We are focusing on reaching our AR goals. I will not be starting a new reading book story, but we will finish Bat Loves the Night in order to take an AR test on it. All the stories we have read from our reading book have AR tests. I have encouraged the students who have not yet reached their goal to reread the stories independently and then take the AR tests. That would be 3 points total if the grade earned is 100%. Also we are finishing our class read aloud of James and the Giant Peach. After I finish reading this, then the students can choose to take an AR test on this story which is worth 4 points. This will be a good indicator of the students' listening comprehension since I have read this aloud instead of them reading it independently.

For my students in the Theater Arts performances this weekend, I asked Mrs. Shaver to give you 2 Equivalency Points for your participation. I thought you deserved it for your hard work on these Roald Dahl stories.


Name of God: The Lord is There

Lesson: Jacob's Journey

Theme: God is with us everywhere we go.

Memory Verse: The name of the city will be "The Lord is There". Ezekiel 48:35

Be ready to say your bible verse to me on Friday morning, October 7.


We just have one more lesson in Chapter 3 before we take a practice math test/review. Our math test will probably be on Wednesday. I sent home Chapter 1 math tests today. Please look those over with your child to talk about how reading each problem carefully is necessary when doing your best work. Most students could do the math we had learned, but did not take the time to read the problems well. (BTW Chapter 2 will be covered later in the year.)

Social Studies/Science

It is time to study for the Latitude, Longitude and Hemispheres test. There is a study guide in your child's binder. We will add to this study guide this week, but you can start reviewing what we have covered so far.

Vocabulary that will be tested: latitude, longitude, Prime Meridian, equator, meridians, north, south, east, west, parallels, hemisphere

The students will need to know which hemisphere North and South America are in. (short answer)

The students will need to know which hemisphere Asia, Australia, and most of Europe is in.

The students will need to know which hemisphere both South America and Antarctica are in.

The students will need to know how a hemisphere is different from a sphere. (This is an essay question.)

The students will need to know how 90 degrees north latitude is different than 90 degrees south latitude. (essay question)

The students will locate states in the United States using coordinates. (latitude then longitude) Example: 33 degrees N latitude, 112 degrees W longitude

Test will be Thursday.

For Science, we will complete our Landforms chart together.