Franklin D Roosevelt for President!

1940 Mikenzie Olson

The Second New Deal 1935-1936 Improvement

FDR will reform America, and shine light on the issues that torment this land. Those issues are; improve use of natural resources, security against old age, unemployment and illness, and slum clearance (clearing of old decrepit building to allow the land to be put to better use) also refereed to as urban renewal, as well as a national work relief program to replace direct relief efforts.

Relief and Jobs for all

FDR will provide America with relief from the on going Great Depression that has torn our nation apart. FDR has established several public relief programs in 1933. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) made direct cash allocations available to states for immediate payments to the unemployed. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) put young men planting trees, building bridges and cleaning benches. Finally the Civil Works Administration (CWA) spent almost $1 billion dollars on public work projects to provide jobs. We will continue to improve our economy through FDR.

Agricultural and Rural America

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) goal was to use natural resources into an engine of economic uplift by building dams and power plants that would bring more jobs and help farmers support their families. Farmers were a great part of this working force in reforming America and will continue to reform America with the help of FDR.

Resuscitating American Industry

FDR will continue to help American industry get back onto its feet! The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) that was passed in June of 1933 will continue efforts in making America great as we approach the years ahead. And providing labor right for all works and a fair minimum wage.

Reorganizing the Government

FDR will reorganize America's government, FDR vows to continue fighting for the nation's underprivileged. Back a few years ago in 1937 FDR said he would expand the membership of the court by adding a new justice for every sitting justices of the age of seventy-five. He did just that, and will continue to make changes

Economic Collapse, and the solution

In recent years industrial production fell by 33 percent, and the industrial stock prices plummeted by 50 percent. Nearly 4 million people lost their jobs and employment increased to 11.5 million. FDR passed a relief program in the summer of 1938, which is still considerably improving. We will recover the stock prices and improve our country. As one we will stand together and fight the back lashes of this Depression.