Jim Stark

By: Connor Babcock

Trait 1


  • He goes the police station to inform them that he was there.
  • He talks to his parents about how they always move because of him.
  • He tells Judy how he feels about her.

Trait 2


  • He controls himself when Buzz tries to fight him.
  • He goes to the chicken run to prove he is not afraid.
  • Goes after Plato when he goes berserk.

Trait 3


  • He gets very angry when people call him chicken.
  • At the police station his family confuses him and he flips out.
  • Tries to punch the police officer.

The Rebels

Jim's Problem

He wants a strong father figure, but his dad is actually weak and doesn't stand up for his son. When he asks his father for advice he does not give him a direct answer. Also his father repeatedly sides with his wife. In the movie he wins a chicken run against Buzz. So he spends the majority of the movie running from Buzz's friends.

His Experience

Jim changed a lot throughout the movie. In the beginning he argues with his parents frequently and even tries to strangle his father. As he gets to know Judy and Plato he starts to see that he is not the only one who has a messed up family. They even play house/family together at the abandoned mansion. In the end he chases after Plato, that shows that he cares about him. His father promises to be a stronger man and they walk away happy.

The Mansion

The mansion is very symbolic in this movie. The three rebels are all looking for a good family. At the mansion they find it, each other. They play "family" for a good while until Crunch shows up.


The lesson of the movie is that you are never alone. No matter how messed up things are there will always be someone there for you. It also kind of speaks to the parents. If a kid does not have a good home life their choices will reflect that.

Rank the rebels from most to least disturbed.

1. Plato- He shoots innocent little puppies and has no parents at home.

2. Jim- His parents move because of Jim and his father is a weak man.

3. Judy- Her father calls her names.