Dystopian Controls

By:Kevin Williams

The World is being Controlled by Corporations

Corporations control our world using media and advertising. I say this because a lot of people based their actions off of what they see in the media. For example people based their actions on Ferguson off of what they have seen on the internet, or the news and other sources. Corporations uses the media so that they can advertise their products and to show people things that are going on. Corporations have grew in size and that means that they’re being a bigger influence on the world. Overall corporations have a lot of power because of all of the attention that they receive.

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How the Media Influences People in a Negative Way

Media influence people in a negative way because people see things in the media that isn't good and thinks that it is fine. For example a lot of kids see movies with violence involved and they then think that is good thing to do. Another way that the media influences people in a negative is with drugs and alcohol. Even though some of these things are legal it's pushing our world into being a dystopia.

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