Hoop Wars

A new way to learn about WWI

What is it?

Nobody likes to sit down for hours at a time playing a boring board game. Hoop Wars redefines the board game by providing a new and refreshing experience that will leave you wanting to play more and more. With elements such as a basketball hoop and a corn-hole side game along with a colorful board and intense game play, you will not want to stop playing.

How is it played?

Up to 3 teams face off in an intense battle aimed at teaching about WWI and having a blast at the same time. After drawing a card, depending on if it is answered correctly or not, team members can shoot hoops or try their luck in a round of corn-hole putting their skills to the test in order to earn valuable points for their team. The team with the most points wins.

Teaching WWI through a board game? Impossible!

It has been proven that learning is more effective when having fun. Hoop Wars brings learning to a whole new level because of the fun element it offers. Using repetition of question cards combined with game play, players will soon know WWI like the back of their hand!
John Rios-Burrows, Malcolm Hutchinson, Rohan Ramdeholl