Collin Wall


1. "Architects create designs for new projects alterations and redevelopments" (Architects, Description).

2. "They use their specialist construction knowledge and high level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing" (Architects, Description).

3. "Architects stay involved throughout the construction process, adapting their plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors, or client needs" (Architects, Description).


1. "The average amount of money that an architect makes is approximately 75,000 dollars a year" (Architect Salary).

2. "The top ten percent of architects can average about 122,000 dollars a year" (Architect Salary).

3. "The bottom ten percent of architects make about 45,000 dollars a year" (Architect Salary).


1. "Architects are required to have either a professional bachelor's or master's degree in architecture and licensure" (Education).

2. "Prospective architects must complete a professional degree program that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board in order to become licensed in most states" (Education).

3. "High school graduates who want to become an architect may enroll in a Bachelor of Architecture program" (Education).


1. "Most architects work full time when they become employed" (Architects, Bureau).

2. "Some work even extra hours, especially when they are facing deadlines" (Architects, Bureau).

3. "Self-employed architects can sometimes have a more flexible work schedule" (Architects, Bureau).


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