Reader of the month

Tasman Collins Yr 13, Reader Of The Month for September 2012

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A bit about Tasman!

What are your best books ever?
I have a few, the book I'm reading now which is David Lange's autobiography My Life. Books from the past like Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump which I found in a hunting hut. The Odyssey by Homer - you can see how all western literature has been affected by it. The Last Days Of Socrates by Plato which tackles many very perplexing philosophical issues. I also remember liking Tomorrow When The War Began series a lot too when I was younger.

What makes Tasman interesting?
When he finds a moment in he enjoys cruising about the countryside with his family in his Mum's muscle car, '61 Studebaker Hawk. Looks great, if not slightly out of place, when he rocks up to school in it on the odd occasion. Although he doesn't look it, surprisingly enough, he has a long line of Kai Tahu ancestry mixed with a strong Scotch component.
Often found enjoying a robust discussion with members of staff and other students, on most anything that has piqued his wide interests, but particularly politics or social issues often find themselves being discussed passionately!

5 people you would like to have dinner with?

Socrates, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Richie McCaw and David Lange. The discussion would be really interesting, I think we'd all have plenty to say to each other.

What are you going to read next?

I think I'll try one of Jeremy Clarkson's books. He is severely opinionated and stuck in his ways. I think a book by him would be entertaining!

Books you haven't enjoyed?

I really didn't like Catcher in the Rye, I just didn't get it. And Foreskin's Lament - not one of my faves either. Not sure if it was that it was a play or that I didn't get the story, but wouldn't recommend those ones.