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Your News for What's Happening in Room 404-Oct. 26, 2015

Reading News

This past week we looked specifically at the skills of inferencing & transforming our thoughts when reading poetry and other text genres. These skills are so important for us as readers as they become the "meat" of the meaning we draw from text. Students were reminded that when we infer we take evidence from the text plus our own background knowledge (or schema) to create a strong inference. We practiced these skills with fun, riddle-type poems.
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Small Group Reading

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Writing News

We have completed the revision, editing and publishing stages with our narrative pieces. During this round of revision we focused on adding strong leads, effective endings, and emotions to our pieces. We touched on these techniques briefly when working on our last piece but this time we dove deeper into specific leads and endings and how to pick just the right one for our piece. We also reviewed and strengthened our ability to write about emotions with out naming them specifically. Lastly, we discussed the importance of internal thinking in personal narratives and how when taken out our narratives loose focus, entertainment factor and strength. Internal thinking is very important and keeps our pieces floating along. We used a mentor piece titled "Eleven" as a model for our thinking. Again, we discussed the "messy middle" as students edited their own pieces and formed editing circles to edit their classmates' pieces as well. The students did a fantastic job of taking on their specific editing job (Capital Captain, Punctuation Pirate, Dialogue Dynamite, Focus Fairy) and of giving and accepting feedback from their peers. The students also met with me for a final conference before moving on to publish their final copy.

Editing Circles

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Grammar/Spelling News

The major grammar skills that have been covered so far this year are: nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs, and prepositional phrases. In studying nouns, we have worked with common and proper nouns as well as, singular and plural. We have been working to identify and improve verbs in our writing. We have also discussed and worked to improve our sentences and overall writing by including adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases. You may have noticed that our homework mirrors the work we've been doing with these skills. Students are continuing to work with their own spelling words sorting them based on their spelling pattern and part of speech, which is helping them to make connections between all of the spelling and grammar activities we are engaging in.

Staying Connected

This week is Red Ribbon week. A flyer went home last week about the dress-up days that coordinate with this week. Please join us in the fun by dressing up!

Progress Reports will come home this Wednesday, October 28. Please contact us with questions or concerns regarding these.

I was out of town and not at school on Friday, Oct 23, and am out today Oct 26 but will be back at school tomorrow, ready for a great week.

Homework will come home tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct 27, and will be due next Monday, Nov 2.