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Intro To Understand Convection

Convection can be used in different ways , Convection means to have heat transfer.Energy can move in different ways.Convection and energy use radiation to move around
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Conduction Can Also Be Occurred In Convection

Conduction also helps to move molecules witch contains heat transfer.For example a hot air balloon uses heat transfer , the heat makes the hot air balloon ascend.When it cools it descends when its hot it ascends witch mean the lift or go down.
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Molecules are more familiar to water.Materials that touch can also have heat transfer.If any fluids like air and water , Molecules make the fluid gain more.
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Examples Of Convection

If a pocket of air is heated the balloon will rise because it will be less dense surrounding air.Convection can also be used in the earth.The atmosphere circulation is a function of convection.Convection is very important to earths system.
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Conclusion To Convection

To sum it all up now you know the different ways on witch convection is used.