LT9 News and Notes Num. 12

It's Normal to Hate Technology About This Time

Skyward is starting to have more grades and "missings" faster than the students can keep up. Schoology pages become confusing with more folders to sift through. You are receiving the Skyward alerts in your email. Schoology Calendar has only some of the due dates and they often change.

This is Normal Right Before the November Holiday

What's happening is that teachers are putting in the majority of the semester grades, hoping that the student will turn in "missings" and retest quickly so the grades will increase before midterms.

This gives the students the chance to pull up the grades before it's too late.

Beloved Office Space Scene (School Newsletter Version)

Office Space Printer Scene - Censored and Dubbed - Safe For Work Version

How You Can Help

The students tend to get easily overwhelmed, but we can't let them give up. Encourage them to make checklists chunking and prioritizing tasks.

If they don't have a clue how to start, they need to be patient and work with their teachers in tutorials on making checklists for each class they are struggling in. For our students with several Pre-AP courses, that could mean a checklist every week for every class.

The Goal- Attack the "missings" and retests in November to make December all about midterms

Please Note- Teachers will be slow to update "missings". They are grading new assignments and will not be able to have a fast turn around for late work.

Note-Taking Strategies

We covered a variety of note taking styles from Sketch Notes for our creative and visual learners to Cornell Notes for our logical and verbal learners.

Our Onramps, AP, and ACC teachers are loving this lesson and are using the same strategies for the upperclassmen.

Best question of the week:

Why not use talk-to-text for everything?

Getting the information down isn't the goal. All of the notes are typed out somewhere. Today, there are online textbooks and teachers post the notes in Schoology and in slide presentations.

Back in the Old Days, we used to have these things called textbooks that we kept in things called lockers.

Big picture

Note-Taking Styles to Try Out

Mentor Search

We're starting to hear exciting news about finding mentors. Keep it up!

Again, the easiest places to look are the organizations that your students are already in. Look for upperclassmen who would be willing to provide support and advice throughout this first hs year.

Academic Resume Update

We'll be tallying up the information from the academic resumes that your students started. We'll be comparing them around Spring Break and at the end of the school year.

We want your students to have a least one thing for all categories by the end of the school year. Advanced Courses, LTHS Extracurriculars, Outside of LTHS Extracurriculars, Volunteer Hours, and Proficiencies.

Culminating Project Details

Your students have been put into groups and have decided on a topic that was covered this past semester to present to the class with their own personal twist.

You can ask your student which topic they decided to tackle and what kind of activities they have planned for their audience.

Midterm Project for Path

Midterm LTHS Program Projects

Students in small groups will pick an LTHS program to present and pitch to the class. Could be anything from athletics, fine arts, a club, an advanced level course, etc.

Last Week's Lessons

Culminating Project Prep

Next Week's Lessons

Culminating Project Presentations

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