Library News

Mollie B Hoover Elementary

Reading Counts

The students can now take Reading Counts quizzes. They may take them in the classroom or when they come in for library time. The goal will remain at 16 "at their level" books in order to earn the field trip privilege at the end of the school year. This averages out to be about 1 "at their level" book each two weeks. The destination for the field trip has yet to be determined.

We approach incentive programs with caution. We don't want the incentive to change their reason to "why" they read? If students are reading to earn a field trip rather than reading to feed a curiosity or fulfill a sense of enjoyment, it may have a negative impact on long-term reading for enjoyment when the reward is no longer available. While we continue to encourage students to take quizzes, continue to encourage and demonstrate an attitude of reading for enjoyment.

Library Procedures

Please continue to send your students' library books down first thing in the morning on the days your students have library. This will help us to run overdue reports prior to your class coming. We allowed all students to check out one book last week, but will begin restricting check-out privileges for those with overdue books and fines.

The Importance of Reading for Pleasure

...reading for pleasure was more important for children's cognitive development between ages 10 and 16 than their parents' level of education. The combined effect on children's progress of reading books often, going to the library regularly and reading newspapers at 16 was four times greater than the advantage children gained from having a parent with a degree. -Dr. Alice Sullivan