Shepard Elementary

Week of August 26, 2019

Coming up

We have been doing a fantastic job of norming all of our PATS expectations over the past 2 weeks. Make sure to continue teaching and reinforcing those expectations - this sets the tone for the rest of the school year and can drastically decrease lost instructional time from interruptions. Kristin's hope is that if she says, "Shepard Patriots are..." students will respond, "Positive, Accountable, Thoughtful, Safe."

Also - make sure to take some time for yourself and recharge. The first few weeks of school are always fast and furious, so a little bit of "me" time is well-deserved! As always, THANK YOU for all you do!


Week of August 26

Monday: Boy Scout presentation in cafeteria at 8:00



Thursday: Madison's Baby Shower at 3:00


Week of September 2 (This week - Birthday treats AND soda/popcorn from PTA!)

Monday: Labor Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL!


Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out AM; Staff meeting and PDH Trade Hours until 5:00

Thursday: 4th grade to OLC; SBIC Meeting #1

Friday: First FMA; TTESS goals due in PowerSchool Perform; 9:15 PTA Board Meeting

To Do

1. Read the Shepard Staff Handbook and sign the google form. I sent an email to all staff who still need to complete the video.

2. Make sure to keep the Safe Schools spreadsheet updated as you complete videos. The next videos are due 10/1/2019 (Youth Suicide and Attendance).

August Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month for all these folks:

August 1 - Pam

August 2 - Penny

August 6 - Gabriel

August 8 - Madison

August 18 - Angela

August 19 - Tori

August 20 - Jana

Big picture