Lance Armstrong

Most Wanted Careless People

Who is he?

-An American former professional road racing cyclist who got stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for blood doping.


-Got tested by The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research and found that his oxygen levels in his lungs during exercise were the highest the clinic recorded, making him an natural athlete

-Placed 11th in the World Championship Road Race with the best time of any American since 1976.

-In 1996 got diagnosed with cancer, survived it, and founded the Lance Armstrong foundation for cancer in 1997,

-In 1993, became the world cycling champion.

-From 1999- 2005, he won 7 consecutive Tour de France titles.

Evidence of Carelessness

-blood doped and used banned substances such as EPO, testosterone, HGH, and cortisone throughout his entire career.
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Careless Quotes

-"Did he use EPO? Testosterone? Cortisone? Human growth hormone? Illegal blood transfusions and other blood doping? Armstrong answered "yes" on all counts."(CNN health).

-"The riskiest thing you can do is get greedy"(Lance Armstrong".