Lily Raymond


The theme of my life is stay true to you and don't hold on to something that's gone, or you could loose yourself chasing after nothing. Also don't give your trust too easily, people will take advantage of it. And don't bother picking up the broken pieces that can't be fixed. I learned this because I lost the only thing I thought I had after putting all of my trust into her, and when she was gone I constantly blamed myself and tried to fix things, when it will never be that way again.



The day it all happened I was going out to eat with my mom at a sushi restaurant. I kind of wish I were at home because I would've been able to react differently. I wouldn't have had to pretend that nothing happened for so long, It just was really bad timing, so many things were going on at the time. Like I found out my aunt had cancer, and I was diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression. Trying not to show any emotion was too much. And I can't open up to my parents so I didn't know what to do, What do you do when the only person you trust is gone?
I chose this because it really talks about strength. Even though things get tough, you have to be even tougher. And the only person who can truly hurt you is yourself, you decide how much something breaks you. It okay not to be okay, as long as you keep moving forward. Giving up is foolish, but in ten years when you can say you made it, thats the biggest reward anybody could give you.
Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video
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I learned to count on myself. Don't always expect somebody to be there for you because the minute you reach for them they could be gone, and you won't know what to do. Also don't lose yourself chasing after something that's already gone, it's gone for a reason. Some things are meant to be left behind, so when something falls apart along the way you can waste your time picking up the pieces, or you can accept the damage and move on. Sometimes the only person you can count on is yourself, so stay true to you.

The Story Without too Much Detail

When Lexi and I first became friends, we were in 2nd grade. She was the new student and I liked her dress and nobody would talk to her, so I asked her to be my locker partner. We instantly became best friends. We never left each others side, until fourth grade. There was another girl named Kylie who used to be a good friend of mine and Lexi's, but she was insulting my family, so I couldn't be her friend. Kylie told Lexi she couldn't talk to me or she'll tell the principal things about her. Lexi finally stood up to Kylie, and we were the same again. But that's when our friendship became basically sisters. I felt like I could finally open up to her, and there was one person that I could finally trust. We made crazy promises and we have the best memories. Some of the best days of my life were with her. Her family was more of a family than mine, and her home felt like home because I spent so much time there. We didnt do anything or go anywhere without each other, and when I was mad at the world she was THE only person who could calm me down and she understood my anxiety. Then we started to grow apart over the summer, partly because she got overly attached to guys and she started dating this guy, and he didn't want me and Lexi talking more than they did. She tried covering it up but I noticed, and then she texted me that one day I was out with my mom. That was the worst timing.