Secondary Update

Monday 21st March, 2016

What we model is what we get. - Jimmy Casas

With thanks to

  • Fiona, Sharon, Dion, Dorothy, Terry, Yook and Andrew for the amazing work with the Y13 Exhibition
  • Oscar for taking the Y11 Chinese debating team - Ron, Shirley, Gigi, Yan Yau and Shirley- and for winning
  • Emma for taking the Y12s to the Marketing Competion at ESF
  • all staff for making it through this half-term

Congratulations to Dion and Chungman on their marriage.

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MYP Update and Reminders

  • Building Quality Curriculum (BQC) has replaced moderation, except for the Personal Project. The IB will provided feedback on our unit planners and are particularly focussed on 'Reflection'. We will be signing up for the April session, submitting 18 unit planners in total from across the curriculum in mid-June and should receive feedback by the end of this August. Attached is the link for your perusal, which is in the Secondary Google Community:

Wishing you all a joyful week and a wonderful and well-deserved Easter break!