Epic Laundry Disaster

By: Shreya Mullangi

Epic Laundry Disaster

Shreya doesn't like the book Jumanji,

Nor does she like to do her laundry.

No matter how loud her parents shout,

Shreya wouldn't wash her laundry out.

Soon her laundry started piling up.

It went out of her hamper and through her door,

Down the stairs and crashed on the floor.

Shirts and skirts,

Jeggings and leggings,

Shorts and skorts,

The pile started smelling like a wet dog,

You might even say a wet frog.

The load piled up for days on end.

Weeks ,years and decades,

It never would end!

Tables, toothbrushes, TVs and toys too,

All got caught up in this mess that made everyone blue.

Shreya’s laundry was a serpent ,

Climbing up the wall,

It soon cracked our roof

And made all fall!

So let this be a moral,

For all kids short and tall,

Always do your laundry, if not your house will fall.

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