Virtual Reality in YOUR Classroom

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Let's start with a question-- If you could take your students anywhere, where would you go? Keep in mind, you're limited only by your imagination. Would you take them under the sea to explore a coral reef? What if you could take a peek at one artist's rendition of a future moon base? Or maybe you'd prefer to travel deep into the rainforest to explore wildlife and vegetation, or to the top of a volcano during an eruption!

Virtual Reality now makes these trips possible without leaving home. Does this replace a real field trip, or the prospect of world travel? Of course not. Is it still an engaging learning experience? YES!

There are immense benefits for the use of VR in education including a deeper, more immersive experience for books, science simulations, field trips and even assistive technology.

We now have 9 Virtual Reality viewers available for checkout. We hope to build this into a classroom set someday, but for now, this is a great amount for getting started with VR in your classroom. You could opt to divide kids into small groups to share and pass one viewer, or have them set up as a station for students to visit.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below. We had the opportunity to test the devices on several Grade 3 students in Mrs. Macemon, Wheatley and Mallak's classes. Students were able to tour AND manipulate the solar system! They could grab and rotate any planet to view it from all angles. Learning can be so magical!

Virtual Reality Solar System Field Trip



1. Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions allows you to choose from HUNDREDS of virtual field trips. Each trip comes with a set of purposeful questions to ask as you guide students through a series of predetermined scenes on their viewers.

Click on the spreadsheet below to explore available trips. You can also download the free app on your iOS or Android device to search for expeditions you'd like to take!

Check out the poster below with step by step instructions on how to get started.

Google Expeditions: over a million students, on trips to virtually anywhere

2. ViewMaster Virtual Reality

SPACE: This app has three scenes to choose from. They allow you to explore 3D environments, learn cosmic facts, and experience gravity on different planets through mini-games.
  1. Solar System: Rocket to every planet in the solar system and stand on their surface.
  2. Spacecraft: Examine 3D models of the spacecraft mankind has used to travel beyond the bounds of the earth.
  3. Star Map: Surround yourself with glittering star maps and trace constellations across the night sky.

WILDLIFE: This app has three scenes to choose from. They allow you to explore panoramic 3D environments, play adventure photographer mini-games and access videos, photos and notes from National Geographic's vast archives.

  1. Outback: Explore the blistering Australian Outback in search of kangaroos and koalas.
  2. Savanna: Take a safari across the African Savanna to observe elephants, giraffes, and lions on the prowl.
  3. Amazon: Venture into the heat of the Amazon to hang out with sloths and jaguars.

DESTINATIONS: This app has three scenes to choose from. They allow you to take a trip to some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. Explore stunning 3D environments, discover fascinating facts and even turn back time to see how the historic landmarks looked in the past.

  1. New York: Set foot on Liberty Island and gaze up at the towering Statue of Liberty.
  2. Chichen Itza: Travel to the Yucatan Peninsula and explore the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza.
  3. London: Step inside the walls of the Tower of London and explore the Tower Bridge.

View-MasterŽ Virtual Reality 360° Experience

3. Google Cardboard Camera and Google Street View

Here's where it gets REALLY exciting. Going on a trip somewhere this summer? If you have the Google Cardboard Camera app, you can take your own 360 degree images and bring them back to your classroom for your students to view in 3D! Students could take their own devices out into the community to take 360 degree images of local landmarks to share with the class. You can also use Google Street View to explore amateur 360 degree images of just about any location in the WORLD!
Using Google's StreetView App with Cardboard


Pick an option below.

  • Email me with a topic you're interested in using VR for and a timeline for when you'd like to use them in class and I'll get back to you to set something up!
  • Book a session with me. I'll bring a viewer in, and we can explore some options together. You'll get a sense for what VR might look like in your classroom, and we can discuss a timeframe in person.

Want to view when the kit is checked out? View the VR Kit Calendar here, and click the plus sign in the bottom right corner to add it to your Google Calendar. At this time, I am the only one able to add events, so please email me if you'd like the kit.