technology rules

by mitchel bergen


dont hurt other peoples feelings online because nothing is private on the internet anymore and sometimes in the extreme case someone takes their life maybe because they were cybrebullying

parents beware

What your kids do on the internet might not just be wrong it could be illegal. Also kids usually start doing inapropriate things on the internet around the age of 15 to 17 so be careful.
we had a presentation at our school and the person said that phones are like a little computer and thay are great when used in the right way so make sure you think before you read or post something online.

rule 5

make sure your not texting while driving because it could lead to death.

rule 6

make you usually check your kids phones for anything inapropriate or illegal thats been going on

rule 7

for the parents reading make sure your kids dont get a phone to young of an age

rule 8

i learnt that people can hack in to your web cam and start watching you so be carefull and you can protect it by putting a piece of tape over the camera

rule 9

all these websites are dangorus son beware