Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 25

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Tips and Tricks for Google Forms and a New Feature for Google Calendar!

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How to Create the Publish Analytics Link to Share Google Form Responses with Others

Google Form Responses - How to Share Summary Analytics

Two Add-ons For Google Forms

1.) Quiz Helper by Schoolytics: Created by Alice Keeler, Quiz Helper will help you create automatic default settings and collect edit links for students to finish quizzes or for re-takes.

2.) Voice Notes for Google Docs - Beep: Record voice notes within Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Avoid miscommunication and give more effective feedback faster.

**Note: When in Google Forms, Add-ons are found in puzzle piece icon (similar to the browser extension icon) in upper right corner area. See the screen shot below.

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New to Google Calendar: Appointment Schedules!

This new feature for Google Calendar is going to be a game changer for scheduling conferences and meetings with parents/guardians next school year! Teachers will be able to set-up appointment schedules that will allow parents/guardians even without a Gmail account to select an appointment or conference time from their calendar and even email them a reminder. A lot of helpful features are also included such as forms that will collect information such as names, emails, phone numbers, and much more. Watch the video below to learn more!
How to Create Appointment Schedules in Google Calendar - NEW FEATURE!

View the April PD Calendar!

The Staff Professional Development Course offerings will now be available on the MSD website for planning purposes. Click on the link to view the full calendar and sign up for courses.

PD Calendar

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