Teddy Roosevelt

The President that broke trusts

Early Life

Teddy was born on October 27th 1858. he was the 26th president of the U.S. He was the leader of the Progressive movement. He was the leader of the republician party. The teddy bear was named after him because his name was Teddy! He was one of the three people of his time to get the nobel peace prize.

What Makes them a Progressive

Teddy Rossevelt first used the term muckracker in his speech in 1906 when he was president. Teddy was very smart the whole muckracking movement would not be possible without him. He did things his way. which was successful and lasted very long. he had to come back from vacation because taft messed everything up.

Faces of Teddy

Why i picked him

I picked Teddy Roosevelt because he is the one I know the most and it seemed like a fun project to do.