In the last 100 years the styles and view of war have changed dramatically. In the early 1900's most nations saw war as the necessary action that needed to take place in order to achieve their goals. The most common type of warfare in these days was trench warfare. Armies would be in large fields in their trenches while their opponent was just a couple hundreds of yards across the field, waiting in their trench. This style of war lead to very large number of casualties because of the difficulty of leaving the trench to attack the other side. Today war is performed and viewed in a very different way. Many people are now skeptical if war is the answer to the problems nations face today. Many fewer deaths occur in present day war because of the technology and techniques used by armies. War is much more a game of strategy now than it used to be.

The picture is an example of what trench warfare looked like.

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"If I should die, think only this of me:

That there's some corner of foreign field

That is for ever England..."

- The Soldier

This quote shows the passion the author had for his country and how he values his life in the war.

"Who the enemy even is, we'll have to wait and see

Wait for the attack you know will come

You wait, you wait, not knowing where from..."

- Better Them than Me

The author of this poem is expressing his confusing of war through his poetry. He seems to be against the war and is not even sure who or what he is even fighting for.