The Interview

Graciela Martinez: 7th Period

Julio Martinez: Father, Age 46

Q- What was your favorite thing growing up as a kid?

A- My favorite thing was my collection of soccer balls. They were my favorite things because not many kids had them and they would all ask me to borrow them.

Q- What is one thing you miss from your childhood? (material wise)

A- I miss my old t-shirt because it was really cool and it reminded me of all the good times I had while wearing it.

Q- Now what is your most cherished item?

A- My most cherished item now is my phone because it allows me to have an open communication line with people whenever I need them. It also happens to make my job and lifestyle easier for me to do and live.

My Interview:

Q- What are your three most cherished possessions?

A- My three most important items are my phone, shoes, and glasses.

Q- If you could only live with one of those things what would it be and why?

A- I would take my glasses with me because with out them I could seriously hurt myself and possibly the people around me.

Q- What would you miss most if you had to leave it all behind?

A- I would miss my phone the most because it allows me to contact with the outside world and it is one of the only ways I can see what happening to everyone I care about and then some.

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