Week of March 2nd...

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We need a time to give the Missouri Student Survey (drug, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) in March. Can we get this on Canvas?

Monday: Think First Assembly 1:30-2:15 (upstairs south)

MN @ DAC 10:00-Curriculum Resources


Wednesday: MOCSA Gender and Violence at 9:30 (small group was great last time)

BIST in PM (work on plan for DS)

3:00 Dr. Tucker--State of the District (EVERYONE attends)

Thursday: Food Bring-In Day

TABE Test 12:00

Friday: MN @ DLT 9:30-11


NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

3/9: MOCSA: Safety in Relationships

3/9: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00 (Peggy providing dinner)

3/10: Summer and Melissa: Teacher of Year Luncheon 11-1

3/10: P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

3/12: Early Release/PD

3/13-3/22: No School--Spring Break

3/23: Signs of Suicide

3/24: ACT Testing Day at LN/LHS (opt in juniors and seniors); Pre-ACT for 9-10 at LA

3/24: DMS visits in PM

3/25: MOCSA: Sexual Assault/Consent 9:30

3/25: 11-12 HMS Visits

3/30: Assembly for half our kids at LN

3/31: Assembly for the other half at LHS

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SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (March 9-12) (No SEL this week = defense)

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Lesson 22: Problem-Solving with ESP, Part II (Proceed and Follow Up)

Circle: What is a positive situation in which you might find the ESP process useful? What is a time when you were trying to make a decision between good options? (ESP can help with positive situations and not just challenging dilemmas)

Skill Introduction: Present and discuss the "Proceed and Follow-Up" sections of the "ESP Form" as you did with the Evaluate and Select sections last week.

Use the annotated version of the form to help illustrate.

Journal Reflection: Planning is important in everyday life. People use planning to do things like learn new skills, get better grades, build stronger relationships, join clubs or teams, apply to college, or choose jobs. Brainstorm about times in your life right now where planning could be especially helpful. Is there a connection between the extra time one takes to plan and self-control? Explain.

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