Versatile Digital Portfolio

What is Seesaw

Seesaw is a digital portfolio that allows kids to save and submit a variety of work -- videos, photos, text, and drawings. They can reflect on their work in writing or with a voice recording when they submit it, and teachers can offer feedback as well. Teachers can then approve items to make them accessible to parents. When teachers set up their classes, they can print a handout with a QR code to give to parents explaining how to register and download the parent app (which is available online, on Android, Chromebook, and iOS) in a variety of languages. Alternatively, teachers can email parents a prompt to sign up for Seesaw. If you're using Google apps, it's easy to get students in the system: They can use their existing Google accounts.
Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using infographics with your students:

How Can Teachers Use it?

Teachers on all grade levels and across all content areas can use Seesaw in their classes to keep digital portfolios of student work, including commenting on student work. Teachers can communicate with parents easily and share student work with them or push out assignments to students to flip lessons or to individualize instruction. They can also choose work to share with a broader audience via a blog. The Seesaw Help Center hosts a variety of activity ideas aligned with Common Core for all grade levels as well as professional development online for teachers.

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