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Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a great 4th of July.

Susan and I have been very busy with our "O2" business. Lots of amazing lockets have been designed.

A couple stories:

I walked into one of my favorite local stores wearing my beautiful black lockets and the sales agent went crazy because she just loved it. Since I happen to live close by, I was able to run home and fix up the locket she ordered and took it back to her. Another happy customer.

Had a mother and daughter who both purchased lockets and liked them so much the mom brought her sister over to buy one too.

If you have any specific questions you can either call Susan Sparks at 206.713.7381 or Phyllis Pieri at 425-922.4126. If you are in need of a unique gift you can shop directly on our website -

Love the product and want some for FREE - book a jewelry bar with us!

Our calendar is getting full, give us a call.

Susan & Phyllis

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Share this beautiful jewelry with your friends. Our parties are so much fun, no games, no long speeches - just have fun playing with our jewelry.

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Hosting a Jewelry Bar

What Is An Origami Owl Jewelry Bar?
Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are a fun way to bring together a group of friends for a unique + memorable jewelry shopping experience. At your party, I'll showcase Origami Owl's customizable jewelry collections. You + your guests will have an absolute blast creating unique pieces that are a reflection of who you are + what you love.

As the Hostess, you'll earn a free shopping spree toward the jewelry selection of your choice, so you can splurge on everything on your wish list - guilt free! So go ahead! Email, text and twitter your girlfriends to invite them over to experience Origami Owl, provide some light refreshments + I’ll take care of the rest!

Please check out our Hostess Exclusive below...

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Because you asked.....How Fundraisers Work

Lots of people have requested information about our fundraiser packages. Listed below are some examples.

Origami Owl® offers organizations a way to raise money in a fun way. Are you a member of an organization that is looking for a new way to raise money? Perhaps a church, booster club, a local humane society, a school, a little league, a high school PTO or a charity organization?

Here are the steps:

▪ I will setup a fun Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar.

▪ Your guests will browse our display, design their own lockets, and take their locket home that day.

▪ Guests that are unable to attend in person will have the ability to shop online, and have their purchases count toward your fundraising goal.

I will provide the following:

▪ 10% of the retail sales from your event will be given directly to your specified organization.

▪ A full Origami Owl® display of all of the Origami Owl®’s gorgeous jewelry.

▪ I will create a Facebook and Evite invitations for you to send to your contacts.

▪ Marketing flyer to print and distribute.

▪ E-Commerce site to share with those that are unable to attend your event in person, but may wish to purchase online.

▪ A fun and creative fundraising event that people will be talking about!

You will provide:

▪ Commitment to your Origami Owl® fundraising goal. The average Origami Owl® sale is between $50-75.

▪ A location for the event, preferably in a high traffic area.

▪ Advertising to your contacts, distribution lists, customer lists, etc.

Origami Owl® is a fun and easy way to quickly raise funds, and a simple commitment and involvement from your organization’s members. And it’s a lot more fun then selling magazines or wrapping paper.

Contact US today and let’s setup a fundraiser for your organization!

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Phyllis Pieri & Susan Sparks

My daughter, Susan Sparks and I decided to team up together and build our Origami Owl Custom Jewelry business. Susan is going to college and I couldn't think of a better way to teach her - on the job training - then building a business together. It is fun, creative and has given us an wonderful opportunity to have fun together.

This company is only two years old and already in the Top 50 Direct Sales company in the world. It was started by a fourteen year old, Bella, who wanted a car for graduation and her parents told her she had to get a job. She decided to start this jewelry business with money she had saved from babysitting. The rest is history.

This is a fun, unique and creative company that is always looking for the next trend to keep the company fresh and exciting.

With my coaching and training background we know we are going to build a great organization.