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Right or Left

In this activity I found out that I was a left-brained person.

This is my scoring:

Right Brain: 24

Left Brain: 38

Left-Brained people are logical, strategic and accurate

Right-Brained people are more thoughtful and subjective

About Me:Personality Test

This test was to see what kind of personality I have. Results were shown through different colors.

I resulted as being the color green. Green is described as logical and to the point. People with a green personality hate failure and love learning. They have high standards and are intellectual.

Team Work!

My team style was tied between creator and analyzer. This means that in a team I would be the person analyzing the problem and thinking of a solution, and making what is needed to solve the problem.

Kuder Careers Results

Career Choice and Research


outlook: +14%


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My College:MIT

About MIT and my college planning

Location:Cambridge, MA



Students Admitted:10%

Requirements:admission test scores, secondary school record, recommendations