To Annex, or Not to Annex.

The story of Texas' annexation. Story by Mac Cantwell

The Revolution is won!

Recently, We have won the battle against the Mexican Army! A president was selected for TX who was the leader of the Texan army. Sam Huston, who now has tried to Annex TX. into the U.S., Unfortunately, Due to the Treaty of 1844, TX. cannot annex. Due to us having slaves.

Only a territory!?

Recently, the U.S. has agreed to us becoming a territory. Though, I believe we should have become a state by now. Because we would be able to use their Currency, Have protection from Mexico, And be able to pay our debt. But seriously? Only a territory!?

A word from Sam Huston.

"Mr. Huston, Could you give us your thoughts on annexation?"

Sam Huston:"Yes, and I believe we should become annexed, So we can gain protection from Mexico, Be able to pay Debts, and gain a monetary system."

"So, you are fully for it?"

Sam Huston:"Yes."

"Alright then, There you have it, Sam Huston is for Annexation."

Sam Huston:"Now, if you must excuse me. I need to go back to work."