Writting Portfolio

J King block 1

About me

About me I love pizza and love to play basketball outside with friends. I dont normally use this website. I like shoes but i dont have that many. I used to skateboard a little bit but stop because I didnt take it that seriously. I like to call people rich for no reason. Lasly I am baptist.


I am using this online portfolio because its easy to use. It can help me with my grade. Also it could be fun. Its an easy A.Last reason is because it could be useful for future reasons.

6 word Memoir


Sun/ shadow

I am like a lion because I am wild.

Inwardly I am like coal because im dull.

Most Funniest Award

Favorite Quote

"You have to set goals...and you to make sacrifies to each goal."

~Sonja Henning

I want to have all A's and B's by the end of the school year. I would need to have less time on the game and phone to accomplish this goal.

You can call me Zeus

You can call me reflection

I had rushed the essay and I think I could have done alot better; but im glad I had got a decent grade.

Natalie DiBlasio, January 2, 2014 10-year-old petitions for disabled American Girl doll

Antigone Character BioPoem


Ruling, mean, trustful

Father of Haimon

Power, Obeying the law

Frustration, Nervous

Fear of nothing

Being King

Wants Antigone dead



School uniform