Fight the Fossil Fuel Industry!

Help Save the Planet

“Investing in fossil fuel companies and in eco-destructive projects is synonymous with supporting the destruction of our future." - Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

Too Much Power

The Fossil Fuel Industry has become too powerful, making it the most lucrative industry in history. The companies within this industry, especially oil companies, contribute the most towards greenhouse emissions. These emissions lead to pollution in the atmosphere, soil, and water. Unfortunately, most countries are still using 19th and 20th century energy sources, like coal and oil. Thus, companies have remained in power for too long, creating a monopoly that has yet to collapse. These companies disregard global warming because of the immense amount of money they collect. We must take action to take down these giants, and this can be accomplished by using other energy sources.
What Would It Take To Power The United States With Solar Energy?

You Have Rights, Use Them!


  • You yourself can make a difference by the making changes in your everyday lives
  • Invest in an electric or Eco-friendly car that has less harmful emission. This takes away form the fossil fuel industry and keeps the environment clean
  • Make changes in the household like compost and recycling


  • We have the right to use our voices politically to make a change.
  • I urged President Obama to continue to fight against the fossil fuel industry through declining fracking and offshore drilling by emailing the White House through the Greenpeace organization
  • Be politically active with voting and take into account politician's view on the environment
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This non-profit organization helps fight social injustices around the world, including the fossil fuel industry. I used this organization to take action by emailing the White House about legislation regarding environmental issues. These two links will take you to these email pages and has the emails already typed out, just fill in a few blanks and send! -