This is about 5 very intelligent scientist that believed our earth had a little hidden history about its self millions of years ago!

Abraham Ortelius 1570s🌍

Abraham is known as,"The man that put together a world at last." Abraham is very important because he is the man that helped us picture what the world looked like. He drew maps for us to figure out what the world looked like several years ago. Without Abraham Ortelius we could possible still be figuring out what our world looks like.(fact-index.com)

James Hutton 1760s🌍

The theory of James Hutton was that offered no vestige of a beginning and no prospect of end. What helped back up his theory is the layers of the earths movement.the work of James Hutton was satisfactory to the world because it expanded the knowledge of the science of earth.(www.i.umn.edu)

Alfred Wegner🌍 1912

Alfred's amazing theory was that 300million years ago the world was call a super continent call Pangea. Wegener was born in 1880 and died in 1930. The beginning of his discovery was that in some way the continents fit together, and continents that are several of thousand miles away had same fossils. Sadly he never got to finish his research because of a bad blizzard that killed him. Fortunately Harry Hess completed Alfred wegner theory and proved over 300 million years ago the world was one super continent.(pbs.org)

Harry Hess 1960s🌍

Mr.Hess was the first to draw up therioes of the ocean floors. The theroy was that the fossils in the ground. His discovery helped us understand the oceanic floor better than what we did before. Mr.hess also helped finish Alfred wegeners theory.(Answer.com)

Dan McKenzie🌍1942

Dan Mckenzies used the knowledge of math, physics, and thermodynamics to study the layers of the mantle. In Mr.Mckenzies theory there are 2 layers in the mantle, both of those sections have something to do with the continents movement. Dan also gave the mechanics the wegner need to help prove his theory. (Algebra4children.com)
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