Let me cook for you!

No time to cook when you go home, but still want to keep an eye on what you and your family are eating? With Let Me Cook For You, you can decide what you want to have for dinner (or lunch), and I will prepare it for you! It's an easy and affordable alternative to pre-cooked food and soggy fast-food chips.

How does it work?

It is very easy: you tell me one or two days in advance what you would like to eat, I go to the supermarket to get what I'll need, and in the afternoon I come to your house and cook your dinner!
You will pay for the groceries and a small fee for my service. The fee depends on how many people I will be cooking for and how many courses you will be having, please contact me to have an exact price.
When everything is ready, I will clean the kitchen and...then it's up to you!

Does this sound good to you? Visit my website or contact me for more information!

As I am very confident that I provide a quality service and I give my best to satisfy you, for the first dinner or lunch you book, you will pay for the shopping, and then, after the dinner/lunch, decide how much you would like to pay for the meal you had.