3 for Thursday

February 11, 2016

This week's 3 for Thursday focuses on how you can use your Interactive Promethean Board as more than an expensive projector by including it in your daily small group rotations.

1. Whiteboard Activities for ELA

1. Handwriting: Find a website that provides words with dotted letters and ask students to use the whiteboard stylus to trace the letters. Try ABCYa for younger students or Kidzone to create a custom tracing page of print or cursive letters. You will also find templates in the Resource Browser right in Active Inspire.

2. Editing: Display a passage with errors and have students use the annotate on desktop feature to edit. Want a copy of each group's work? Teach them to take a screenshot with the Windows Snipping Tool and email it to you as an attachment (this feature is part of the tool.)

3. Parts of Speech: Display a passage and ask students to highlight particular parts of speech with specific colors.

4. Compare and Contrast: Complete a compare and contrast map using paired texts, two characters, or two settings.

5. Poetry: Create poetry with WordMover.

2. Whiteboard Activities for Science and Social Studies

1. Interactive Labs and Simulations: Use one of these interactive tools to help students explore a new concept or review one that was previously introduced. Use the search tool to help narrow results for your students.

2. Maps: Ask students to label a map according to specific criteria. National Geographic's online MapMaker tool has basic drawing and shape tools as well as a selection of drag and drop markers that are easy to use. Students' annotated maps can be saved as images, PDFs, or as an .xml file that can be re-opened.

3. Jeopardy Games: Students can play a game to review a topic for an upcoming test. There are free games available online on a variety of topics, like this fourth grade game on Explorers. You can also make your own at Jeopardy Labs or find a Power Point Jeopardy Template available online.

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3. Whiteboard Activities for Math

1. Manipulatives: Complete a task using some of these virtual manipulatives.

2. Interactive Tools: Have students practice a review skill by using one of the Teacher Tools at dreambox.com.

3. Resource Library Tools: Use some of the tools available within Active Inspire to practice basic skills. For example: Have students use the dice tool to practice basic facts. To extend to upper grades, students can roll 5 dice and record different equations/answers that can be created (all while following the correct order of operations.)

4.Number Grid: Display a number grid on your board and have students complete a pre-determined task. So many possibilities here! For example: Highlighting multiples of a certain number or solving basic math facts, then coloring in the answer on the grid to see who can "claim" the most spaces.

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