How does Popular Culture Clothes

Impact indian religons ??


  • American Pop culture is a worldwide spread
  • More than half agreed other countries would be less “Americanized” if the media eliminated all western influences .
  • But the one of the most rapid spread is clothing , it changes not just the way they look but also the way they act towards their religion.
  • Popular culture has impacted many cultures such as in the Islam culture, many girls have now started showing there body such as wearing shorts instead or the Abaya .
  • The cultural clothing of India shows the respect of there cultures but with the spread of popular culture clothing the way people act changes towards there religion .


  • Popular culture affects the Hindu culture lot Ex: when you got to india you would see most of the really traditional Hindus still wear spiritual clothing.
  • Ex : Now in wedding you could see people wearing suits and tie on a wedding instead of their traditional clothing.
  • There has been incidents where people would want to change religions so there clothing could be accepted such as they would also convert into different religions.
  • Usually in a Temple people usually are supposed to wear spiritual clothing but now you see that they wear jeans and a shirt or you see the same in a mosque.
  • You see as popular culture clothing increase people would want to do more become more modern, and the western clothing takes over.


- Relocation diffusion

-hierarchical diffusion

- Contagious diffusion

Popular culture fashion can be spread around the globe in many ways such as television , you see celebrities , videos , music, advertisement with something which catches the audience attention.

which would make the audience want to become like the person in the video or advertisement.

Raymond Ad - Father and Child

Example of an ad a raymond ad.

for suits and ties

Video on how pop culture could spread and how it changes the person thinks and make the person more questionable

Science and Religion in Popular Culture

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