Our April Newsletter

We are all in this together.

Dear LLC Families,

I have so many thoughts to share with you.

Every day I wake up with some hope of this being over, only to be crushed by more positive cases of the virus, or worse, more fatalities across the country and around the world. I never thought my job would ever allow me to work from home but here I am having virtual meetings from my dining room. If I can be transparent, my feelings about this situation are sometimes staggered. There are moments I see the silver lining while other times I’m frustrated by this new way of life.

However, when I go down that frustrating path, I dig deep and connect with my positive side and I am reminded of what is so clear and important. I am having more family meals in this short time than I have had in months. I go on bike rides on weeknights with my son. I have a consistent exercise routine again.

The things that I've complained about such as always being on the go or not having a lot of time to be outdoors has disappeared... at least for now. The connections and the little moments with my family are here and in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, I would never want this to last forever. But maybe, we can all use this time right now to remind us to slow down, to be present, and to give all that we have to everything that matters. Family.

We miss you,

Deanne Guastello, Principal

One of my moments

My son loves to bike ride. This year for his birthday, all he had on his list were bike parts so he could build his own bike. This past weekend he took us to this spot where he likes to practice his jumps. Here is a picture of him and my husband hitting a jump at the same time. My son is on the bike that he built. I didn’t nail the jump but I nailed the picture!
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Share your family moments

Please share your stories with pictures of your family moments. We’d love to see them and share them with the LLC families in our next newsletter. Email them to deanne.guastello@msdk12.net

Our Amazing Teachers Leading Virtual Lessons

Our teachers are beginning to post virtual lessons through Bloomz or other media. Here are just a few examples of our tech-savvy staff teaching from home.

How do I see these videos and other resources?

Ms. Beth & Ms.Tina read, “Brown Brown Bear. What do you see?” https://youtu.be/WWtR0bcDiVM

Ms.Tina's Hello Song https://youtu.be/QMAn72SOwhk

Exercising Your Numbers with Ms. Tina https://youtu.be/d1afDWGgC2o

Farmer Tina set up a YouTube channel. Check out and her awesome videos and lessons:

Website: https://www.growitgreenmorristown.org/virtuallearning

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZyXjylF02pzRvnfu1xUNQ

Ms. Adora with a sing-along: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgV3GOIq2Pc&feature=youtu.be

A set schedule can be key to a healthy day. Here is an example of a home schedule to help with routines.

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Resources from our Community Parent Involvement Specialist

During this difficult time, we are all living, it's always good to have resources readily available in case it's needed. Below is a list of resources with links that you can reach out to if need be:

Interfaith Food Pantry Provides nutritious food, education, and resources to inspire confidence and hope to Morris County families in need.

Morris County Human Services: Services provided by the Department include financial and emergency assistance, access to mental health and substance abuse services, job training and support, prevention services for youth, support for veterans, transportation for elderly and disabled, meals on wheels and adult protective services for vulnerable adults at risk of abuse.

Unemployment Insurance

Child and Family Resources- Assistance with food, shelter, medical care

Mortgage Assistance

Please feel free to contact her if you need anything @ carolina.mendonca@msdk12.net